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The history of our traditional inn

Urkunde Barbara Beilheim We can track the history of this house back to the year 1800. At this time Barbara Beilheim sold her home to the administrator of Kobersdorf, Anton Schilling, for 400 Gulden. A receipt for the money shows her signature on December 14th, 1800.

This “Dominion Inn” was operated by the government and in 1891 sold to a private person, Josef Baumgartner.
After that, the inn has been operated by the family Blasovits for many generations. Since 1994 our family owns this house, so we called it “Dorfgasthof Berlakovich”.

Weppersdorf has always been an important intersection for traffic, even in medieval times. A very important street from Csepreg (Hungary) to Kobersdorf and further to Wiener Neustadt has led through the village.
Another important route has led from Györ-Sopron (Hungary) through the border of Deutschkreutz and the tollhouse in Horitschon to Weppersdorf.

Weppersdorf was an important toll station in the 14th century, as you can read in the document of Vasvar from 1377. This was the reason why the judge Paul Friewierd chose Weppersdorf for a toll station in 1727 as well.

Due to a lot of traffic on the streets, our inn was very well known as an important resting station for mail coaches.
After a long day riding, the messengers would change their horses in our stables. Up to today you can still see where the horses had been tied down.

Of course, in these days the house has not been as modern as today. Can you imagine to cut big cubes of ice out of a pond in winter, and store them covered with straw as to enjoy cold drinks even in August? This pond still exists, but nowadays only wild ducks enjoy to swim in it.

Eventually this former “Dominion Inn” developed from generation to generation. Water toilets were installed, fridges were bought and the oven in the kitchen is not fired by wood anymore. Today we offer a modern ballroom for up to 140 guests and since 2014 a modern 3 Star guesthouse awaits you. From your balcony you can even see the Castle Landsee and enjoy the sunset.


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